Use Your Android as a Wireless Speaker and Stream Music from Your Computer to Your Phone

Hopefully this summer you are enjoying some pool parties. You might even have the perfect playlist on your computer, or maybe that’s where you downloaded the Spotify app. But it isn’t exactly convenient or even feasible to drag your PC outside by the pool, and you don’t have a wireless speaker. Or do you?

If you have an Android phone or tablet you could. With the help of a few settings and an app, you can transform your device into a speaker without constraints. Just don’t push anyone holding the speaker into the pool. Instead, get all your friends with Androids to help boost the sound. Or, if you weren’t invited to that party, listen to your headphones playing music from your PC or laptop vicariously—through your Android.

Method 1: Soundwire

Soundwire provides a way to play your music and audio from movies anywhere within range of the network. The main difference between the paid version (currently $3.99) and the free version is advertising. This app is definitely a top choice for apps that perform this service.

  1. Install App on PC

    • Pay a visit to a website called GeorgieLabs to find the server version of the app. Links are provided for Windows 7,8, and 10, Linux, and Raspberry Pi.
    • Click on the download tab when it is finished. Double-click the setup file.
    • Click Next to proceed through the setup wizard. You will need to agree to mandatory terms and conditions.
    • Finally, click Install.




  2. Download App on Android

    SoundWire (Free)

    Google Play download button

    SoundWire (Paid)

    Google Play download button


  3. Open App on PC

    This server application serves as your source of YouTube music, iTunes, or other audio.


  4. Select Source

    • If necessary, click on the Input Section dropdown menu.
    • Choose Default Multimedia Device.


  5. Establish Connection

    Connect to the Internet on both devices. If you are using Wi-Fi both your Android and PC or laptop need to be on the same network.


  6. Run Android App

    Open the Soundwire app on your Android.


  7. Tap Wire Icon

    Press the button that looks like a coiled wire (where it says connect).


  8. Fix Connection Failure (If Necessary)

    The devices should automatically connect, but if they don’t, try entering your server address manually into the textbox of the Android app and attempt to connect again. (You can find the address in the Soundwire Server screen on your computer.)


  9. Play Music

    Or you can play other audio, or use the microphone option as a baby monitor if you need to.

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