Horror Halloween Night Live Wallpaper

Horror Halloween Night Live Wallpaper for AndroidA beautiful Wallpaper screen with Halloween: pumpkins and it is free to download! live wallpaper theme for Android devices,
These jack-o’-lantern features a long lasting of flame, plus you can customize the background. Also, you can choose the color of pumpkins and scene. Enjoy a full moon at night. If you look at the tomb you will see “Happy Halloween” or a (more…)

Plasticine Ocean Live Wallpaper

Plasticine Ocean Live Wallpaper for AndroidPlasticine ocean” is beautiful Live wallpaper.
Now you can install this artwork on your Android Phone or Tablet.
Enjoy this island, marine life and nature beauty.
Aquarium ocean in plasticine style.

* Several types of fish;
* Island in the middle of the ocean;
* Flying birds;
* Elephant on the island;
* Underwater ship and castle;

Live wallpaper for android phones and tablets.

Press the button below to be sent (more…)

Sim Aquarium Live Wallpaper

Sim Aquarium Live Wallpaper for AndroidSim Aquarium is an Interactive True 3D Virtual Aquarium that fits in your pocket! Sit back, relax and enjoy a variety of marine fish swimming about in a colorful coral reef habitat – or tap your way into the bonus anemone aquarium scene and actually play with and feed the two colorful “Nemo” clownfish!

Sim Aquarium Features:
• One intricately detailed coral reef (more…)

Radiantwalls HD planetscapes Live wallpaper apktop

Teleport your device into one of three fantasy landscapes with RadiantWalls HD – PlanetScapes.
Your device will transform into a window looking out onto the surface of the planet Avalon. Select from three radiant vistas, each with their own unique feel and atmosphere – you get three live wallpapers for the price of one!
• Night at Avalon’s Falls – experience the night (more…)

Ocean Blue 3D Live Wallpaper

Ocean Blue 3D Live Wallpaper for AndroidDive into the beautiful and breathtaking deep blue ocean with a glimpse of lively underwater sea life. The sunlight high above from crystal clear ocean surface beams through the depth of the blue ocean, together with animated coral that swing along with the sea current, and a school of fish swimming past the plankton, creates a magnificent scene that you would (more…)