Top 50 trending Games of 2016: Our Best Game Study

While the ‘free-to-play’ market has taken a bit of a beating of late due to gamers falling out of love with the use of in-app payments, the world of mobile gaming is still an exciting one.

Whether you want games that will last the length of a commute, or want to be lost in a port of GTA where you spend hours mowing down pedestrians and making money out of murder, there is a game on here for you.

This constantly updated list is a mixture of free and paid for games, and also that one in between – some in-app payments aren’t really that bad. Honest! If by the end you think we have missed something special off of the list, let us know and we will see if it is worthy of inclusion further down the line.

Oh, and just so you know, we do play the games we test – so you can have confidence in our selection.

Lost in Harmony


Some games have a kind of razor-sharp focus, but Lost in Harmony is very much the other kind – a sort-of endearing mess that somehow comes together the more you play, to the point you won’t want to put it down. Ambitiously (and perhaps foolishly), it attempts to marry endless runners and Ouendan-style rhythm action, often at the same time. Underpinning everything is a heartfelt story about two friends, and their journeys through some eye-popping dream-like environments.

As the skateboarding hero zooms into the screen, friend clinging to his back, the scenery periodically warps and folds, revealing all manner of craziness, from futuristic Manga-style cities to Tetris blocks whizzing by. It might feel disjointed at times, but stick with Lost in Harmony and you’ll be rewarded. (Note that the game is a free download on Android, with a £2.99/$3.99 IAP then required to access the full storyline.)

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