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[APP][4.4+]Waterproof Quickcheck 0.93

feature logo
Test if your device is sealed. The app uses the internal pressure sensor to detect specific pressure fluctuations while the user touches the screen.

A "Detailed" mode shows you a graph of the pressure development within the phone. If you open one of the phone's covers, you will recognize that the pressure does not change when touching the phone. Contrary, if the phone is sealed (flips are closed), there will be detectable fluctuations when the phone is touched.

Note: This app has been developed and tested for:
Sony Xperia Z3
Sony Xperia Z3c (needs adapted settings!)

It may also work with other water resistant phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S5, but I need test feedback first.

WARNING: This app does NOT directly detect if your phone is waterproof. However, it gives you a hint of all covers and plastic flaps are closed.

WARNING: Whatever the app may show, under no circumstances apply excessive pressure or forces to your phone.

WARNING: If you just closed your phone's flaps and get a positive test result, you should wait a couple of minutes and repeat the test. Some users reported that their flaps pop slightly open after a while.

Installation instructions:
I started a Public Betatest on Google Play:


feature logo
Just follow the link...


There are other apps or manual ways to detect the sealing of the phone. What is special about this app?
This app analyzes the pressure within the phone AFTER touching it. It looks for a characteristic fluctuation of the pressure, while the built-in vent of the phone slowly reestablishes ambient conditions. In my opinion, this is more accurate that just detecting a pressure peak when touching the phone.

What is happening inside the phone? Where can I find more information?

I am no expert for this. I assume, the phone has built in pressure vents like e.g. http://www.gore.com/en_xx/products/venting/portable/cell-phone.html

When I try this with my phone (other that Xperia Z3), I get a "Not OK" Message and only one or zero stars. Does this really mean, that my device is not sealed?
Probably not. This app may need a specific adjustment for your device. Go to the "Detailed View" via the menu in the top right corner. Only if you see no clear pressure fluctuations at all, there is definitely something wrong with the phone.

What app permissions are needed?

What data are transmitted over the network?

This App is open source and published under Apache license 2.0. Source code is available on GitHub.com.

CREDITS: Thanks to users alik (android-hilfe.de) , adamk7 and Bäcker (xda-developers.com) for sharing the idea behind this test.

XDA:DevDB Information
Waterproof Quickcheck, App for all devices (see above for details)

Source Code: https://github.com/Tom1000/WaterproofQuickcheck

Version Information
Status: Beta
Current Beta Version: 0.92
Beta Release Date: 2015-08-29

Created 2015-08-30
Last Updated 2015-08-29

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Camera apk


I tried to flash the s6 camera mod on my pingpongroot stock g920f and apparently it only works for deodexed roms, which is weird because I followed instructions to do it with flashify "without tripping Knox",but you need to be deodexed so you can't actually flash it without a tripped Knox. Anyway I was stupid enough to delete the odex files in arm64 and the camera4.apk instead of renaming (i thought a titanium backup SAS sufficient). Would anyone be so kind to save my phone from a kies restore and upload the original files or help me with a solution? Thanks you guys!

Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-T805 met Tapatalk

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Samsung Note 5 locked me out Android 5.1 anti-theft

After a lot of search I found out about the new google anti theft update.
Unfortunately I did not know about it till I wiped/erased all data on the Samsung Note 5 which I purchased today without knowing that I should have removed the security lock pattern!
To make things worse before I opened the phone I updated my gmail account password to maximize security!

Now whenever I turn on the phone it takes me to a page where it's telling me enter the gmail address that you used to sign in to this device, I enter the correct email and password and it keeps taking me back to the same page on loop!

Any help please? it's driving me crazy! is there a way to fix this using the Gmail on desktop?

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[app] [4.0+] wps wpa tester premium

Introducing WiFi wps wpa tester Premium !!!

After the success of "Wifi wps wpa tester"
comes the Premium version!
Try if your wireless network is secure or not!
thanks to this app and thanks to the
algorithm of wps default (zaochensung)
SOME of routers, you can receive the WPA
WPA2 WEP set to the router.

The app needs permission superuser (root),
otherwise it displays only the default WPS.
Algorithms used:
-vodafone arcadyan
- Added default pin of many routers


What you need:-
#Rooted Android Device (4.0+ recommend)
#Busybox Installed

1.Open app and press refresh

2.Then the list of WiFi networks available will be shown.

3.If you see a green Lock Icon click on it

4.Press Try to Connect

5.In seconds a pop up will appear with the password

6.Enter the password and enjoy free WiFi
For Download -https://doc-04-40-docs.googleusercon...OGM?e=download

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Unlocked AT&T G4 on T-Mo how to enable hotspot

The title says it all. I have an Unlocked AT&T G4 on T-Mo. Everything works well except Hosspot. When I try to enable it regardless of apps tried it gets stuck on Authenticating then fails. May be there is something left in the FW from AT&T that is preventing the phone. Any help will be much appreciated. My phone is rooted. Read More »

Odin flashing (gt i9506)

Hello guys, so i am using galaxy s4 i9506 (XXUDOF2) and i decided to root, well i got to the download mode and flashed clockworkmod recovery using odin 3.0.9, but when i flashed it said "FAIL" and now when i booted it back it says firmware upgrade encountered an issue. please select recovery mode in kies and try again.
Please help i have no info what to do next and i'm nervous,i don't care if i don't have warranty i just want it to be rooted. Read More »

[HOWTO] Enable Tethering on MTS G4 Phones

So for the life of me couldn't figure out how to enable tethering on the MTS G4. I have rooted my G4 but it still didn't work regardless of what method and app I used. I know from talking to other MTS users that MTS doesn't really have a way to track the traffic, and even if they didn't pay for tethering on their plans and still tethering, it didn't cost more. So there had to be a way.

Well turns out if you go into APN profiles, there is a profile called 'MTS Internet.' That is the one MTS setup for you when you got the phone. If you go into it you notice that the mms proxy is set to 'wapgw1.mts.net'
The APN profile for MTS at Howard Forums list the mms proxy as being ' ' This is the one I used on my S3, and tethering has always worked for me, and I never had extra charges. There is the 15GB per month limit though.
So I setup a new APN profile with the following settings, and my tethering worked instantly.

Name: MTS
APN: sp.mts
Proxy: Not Set
Port: Not Set
Username: Not Set
Server: Not Set
MMSC: http://mmsc2.mts.net/
MMS Proxy:
MMS Port: 9401
MCC: Should be auto set to 302
MNC: Should be auto set to 660
Authentication type: Not Set
APN: Not Set

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reunlock bootloader

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Installing Cyanogenmod with TWRP on LG G Pad 7.0 LTE

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Miui 7 global 5.8.22 beta for Mmx A310

MIUI 7 Rom For A310/ Himax/ F1

This rom is ported From Here

MIUI 7 Global Stable Build v 5.8.22 Full Changelog

New - Added four new system UIs (08-14, for India only)
New - XXL text (08-14)
New - Showtime: Set profile picture/video to show in your contacts' device when you call them (08-14, for India only)
New - Baby album: Group all baby images in one place, supports sending all images as a package and set the album as daily lockscreen. (08-14, For India only)
Optimization - System response speed increased by 30%, battery life improved by 10%.
New - Quick OTP(For India only)
New – Smart SMS Filter (For India only)

Optimization - System response speed increased by 30%, battery life improved by 10%.

New - Contact cards: Exchange contact cards with your friend to view his/her profile picture and detailed information (08-14)
New - Showtime: Set profile video to show in your contact's device when you call them (You need to exchange contact cards with the contact first) (08-14, For India only)

New - Added XXL text for the app (08-14)
Optimization - Searching results display the newer messages on top (08-17)

Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar
New - Added notification page fold/unfold animated effects (08-07)
New - Block notifications in notification shade by one press (08-18)
Optimization - Optimized Notification shade brightness bar interactive style (08-07)
Optimization - Optimized battery icon on status bar (08-07)
Optimization - Optimized status bar display effects when using large font (08-10)
Optimization - Optimized notifications' height when using large font (08-10)
Optimization - Optimized 'Manage notifications' page display effect when using large font (08-10)
Optimization - MiHome app icon does not show in lockscreen in Parental controls mode (08-11)
Fix - Roaming icon did not disappear in some situations (08-10)
Fix - Block button in some featured themes overlapped with clock widget (08-12)
Fix - Notes widget display error when using large font (08-12)
Fix - Pressing on toggles did not fold notification shade in Performance mode (08-19)

Home screen
New - Child mode (08-14)
Optimization - Optimized display effect of live blur (08-07)
Optimization - Optimized built-in widgets display effect when using large font (08-10)
Optimization - Optimized One-handed mode launching speed (08-10)
Optimization - Removed Settings and Security from Parental controls - Accessible apps list (08-11)
Optimization - Assistant and Google Now cannot be launched in Parental controls mode (08-11)
Optimization - Optimized prompt text when setting wallpaper in home screen editing mode (08-12)
Fix - Home screen reloaded after deep cleaning (08-11)
Fix - A specific icon displayed repeatedly when using some themes (08-21)

New - Added four default themes (08-14)

New - Baby album: Group all baby images in one place, supports sending all images as a package and set the album as daily lockscreen. Optimization - Optimized start page images grouping method (08-19)
Optimization - Optimized baby albums' UI details (08-19)
Fix - 'No images or videos' icon showed for a moment when entering baby album (08-19)
Fix - The baby's age did not show under baby album cover when he/she is under 1 month old (08-19)
Fix - Sometimes, shared album creator's avatar did not show (08-19)

Optimization - Optimized playing status bar style in playing page (08-18)
Fix - Audio settings background display error in some devices (08-18)

Fix - Sound settings page texts were cut off when using XXL text (08-18)

Optimization - Improved app cold start speed (08-14)
Optimization - Background RAM usage decreased by 15% - 30% (08-14)

New - Added XXL text for apps (08-14)

New - XXL text (08-14)

Clock / Calculator
New – When it's your birthday, the ringtone of morning alarm will change to “Happy Birthday "
Mi Credit
Optimization - Updated Mi Credits center homescreen shortcut icon (08-20)
Optimization - Optimized display effect when using XXL text (08-20)



Download Link

Known Bugs

If u found report me

Installing instruction

1. Place downloaaded rom zip into root of sd.
2. wipe data, cache , dalvik cache using custom recovery
3. select install zip from sd and select rom zip .
4. reboot and enjoy
5.TWRP recommended


Javed Pathan(me)
Mandar Pathak
satya prakash
Xda For his awesome Guide

Give Feedbacks For This Rom Thank You !!

XDA:DevDB Information
Miui 7 global 5.8.22 beta for Mmx A310, ROM for the Micromax Canvas Nitro A310/A311

ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
Based On: MIUI 7

Version Information
Status: Testing
Stable Release Date: 2015-08-29

Created 2015-08-29
Last Updated 2015-08-29

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