Best 7 Android Apps for making money

When you look at your phone, you probably think about spending money rather than making it. Your handset almost certainly cost you a pretty penny, whether in up-front cost or on-going monthly payments. Thankfully there are plenty of apps to be found in Google Play, which can help you recoup some of the costs. This is how to make money with Android apps.

Google Opinion Rewards

It may come as little surprise to learn that Google has an app of its own that you can use to make money. With Google Opinion Rewards you earn Google Play credit by completing surveys. You’ll receive a notification whenever a new survey is available, and you just need to spend a few moments answering a series of questions – nothing too taxing.

Once you’ve completed a survey, you earn Google Play Store credit that you can use to buy apps, music and other things. Many of the surveys have a deadline for completion, so make sure you don’t wait too long to complete them.



Rather than store credit, MintCoins gives you the opportunity to earn cold, hard cash. You can gain virtual coins by downloading free apps, watching videos, registering with websites, completing surveys and referring friends to do the same.

As soon as your balance hits US$1, you’re free to withdraw your earnings to a PayPal account, or you can wait and let it build up for longer if you like.



Google Opinion Rewards is not the only survey-based app that can be used to pull in a little cash. iPoll works in a very similar way providing you with a series of “missions” to complete. While some of these are dependent on your location, others can be completed by anyone, anywhere. In addition to traditional surveys, you may also be asked to submit photos or even upload an audio or video recording.

Many of the missions have a decent amount of money associated with then, and there are a few options for withdrawing your earnings. You can pull the money into a PayPal account, or add it to your Amazon or iTunes account.


Earn Money

The name says it all here: this is an app designed to help you to earn money. It is all but identical to MintCoins, but you might find that the number of offers available is slightly more limited due to your location.

From installing apps to watching videos, earning money really takes very little work and your rewards can be quickly transferred to a PayPal account.



Rewardable leans towards users in the US, but not all of the tasks you are invited to complete are reliant on being in the there. These are described as “virtual tasks” and can be completed by anyone. There are in-store, location-specific tasks to carry out as well

Rewards vary, but are generally quite high, and your earnings can be withdrawn to PayPal easily.



If getting paid to test out apps seems like a great way to spend your time, AppCasher will be right up your street. You can earn credit for installing and launching apps, and these credits can then be converted into gift cards that you can use to buy things from Amazon or iTunes. You can opt to have cash transferred to your PayPal account instead.

You can also refer your friends to the app and, providing they use your special code, you’ll earn extra credit for each person who signs up.



Buzzinga rewards you for downloading and reviewing apps. The more you download and review, the more points you accumulate. You can exchange those points for the chance to win prizes, including Ultra HD TVs, the newest smartphones and other gadgets, or you can redeem them for Amazon, Starbucks and GameStop gift cards.

Buzzinga is developed by App Media, which is owned by Fonpit.


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