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Whether you want to root your Android phone or install a custom rom, it’s recommended to firstly backup your phone data. By backing your phone, so that if something does go wrong, you will not lose all of your data that you have most likely spent months or years accumulating. Now let’s find out how to backup everything, including apps, contacts, messages, photos, settings and more, on rooted and non-rooted Android phones.

How to Backup on Non-rooted Android Phones

1. Backup apps, contact, and phone settings

For users who want to backup your phone without using third party apps, you can use Google account to backup your apps, contact, settings, etc. To do it, go to Settings -> backup and reset. Make sure ‘backup my data’ and ‘automatic restore’ options are checked, and on the ‘backup account’, select the Google account to which you’d like to sync your data. Then go to your Google account and check all the ‘sync’ options available. Now, your data will be restored whenever you set up your phone with that same Gmail account.

how to backup on android

If you prefer to use third-party apps, I recommend My Backup. This is a lite version of MyBackup Pro, which is a paid version of the app. This app is by far the most easy-to-use backup app for non-rooted device. You can backup your phone data to SD card or to cloud service at no extra cost.

2. Backup photos, music, and videos

As Google does not have a native backup service for photos, music and videos yet, so you’ll have to backup them manually by copying it to your computer or external hard drives.

3. Backup text messages

If you’re just concerned with your SMS messages, you can use a free app called SMS Backup+ to backup your text messages in the cloud. The app will automatically backup your SMS, MMS and call log entries to Gmail and store them under a new label ‘SMS’.

How to Backup on Rooted Android Phones

If you’ve rooted your phone then you can easily backup your apps, text messages, settings, etc, by using a backup app. In this case, I recommend you to use the Titanium Backup app. It is the most powerful Android backup app available in the market today. In addition to backing up the data to SD card, it can also backup to the cloud service like Dropbox, Box and Google Drive. Here’s the quick tutorial:

    • Download and install Titanium Backup app here.
    • Once installed, launch the app and press ‘Allow’ once a Superuser Request window pops up in your phone screen.
    • On the top of the screen, select the ‘Backup/Restore’ tab.

titanium backup pic1

    • Click on the app you want then select ‘Backup’. Wait for it to prompt that the backup was completed successfully. Depending on how many applications you have installed, this process will take several minutes.

titanium backup pic2

  • The backups are stored in the ‘TitaniumBackup’ directory on your SD card.


It is very much inportant to backup android smartphone or tablet before attempting any of update or rooting the android. It is also very useful in case you lost your android device or even if it is broken. Using backup device apps you can make a full use of android strength in a way.

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